The wind has been pretty constant throughout the state the past week, but some parts of Wyoming saw stronger gusts than the rest.

According to the National Weather Service in Riverton, Mt. Coffin in Lincoln County recorded a peak wind gust of 120 MPH at 2:45 AM Wednesday, Dec. 19th 2018. The Mt. Coffin Station is located on the summit of Peak with an elevation of 10,850, which is north of the summit of Mount Coffin in the Wyoming Range.

Although not as intense as Mt. Coffin, other parts of the state recorded some strong gusts as well.

Chief Joseph Hwy in Park County recorded a 76 MPH gust at 7:20 PM Dec. 18th. 7 SW Muddy Gap in Fremont County recorded a 69 MPH gust at 9:50 PM Dec. 18th.

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