Instead of calling this, the five prettiest lakes, we're calling it five of the prettiest lakes.

It's a subjective category and frankly, we may have forgotten some.

Either way, if you're an outdorsy person we're sure that these are five places you'd like to visit.

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    Jenny Lake

    Located in Grand Teton National Park just outside of Jackson.

  • Wyoming Tourism

    String Lake

    Also located in Grand Teton National Park, just outside of Jackson.

  • Visit Pinedale

    Fremont Lake

    Near Pinedale, Fremont Lake was created from a glacier thousands of years ago.

  • Wyoming Tourism

    Brooks Lake

    Located just west of Dubois, a favorite spot for fisherman and bears.

  • Wyoming Tourism

    Lake Marie

    Just east of Saratoga located in Medicine Bow National Forest.