Recent U.S. Census data shows Wyoming has lost more than 6,600 residents since a bust in the coal and oil industries began a few years ago, which drops us down to just 585,000 residents in the entire state.

When folks hear news like this there is a tendency to focus on why such a population loss is bad. But do we get anything good out of it? There must be a silver lining.

Here are 5 ways losing 6,600 residents can be good for Wyoming.

1). Lower population means more real estate agents are having a tougher time selling homes and renting apartments. That means prices will come down. If you are already living here, now is the time to renegotiate.

2). 6,600 fewer jerks on the road should mean lower insurance costs.

3). Calling for pizza delivery means a shorter wait time.

4). More open parking spaces closer to the entrance at Walmart.

5). 6,600 fewer homes lit up at night means it is that much easier to see those beautiful Wyoming stars.

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