October 3 is National Boyfriend Day. NationalDayCalender calls it “a day to be nice to a boyfriend.” In my opinion, especially in Wyoming, girlfriends don’t need a lot of help with being nice.

Cowgirls have a wonderful knack for saying just the right thing to their Cowboy, but there are also some things that he’d prefer she not say. Here are 5 examples.

1.    “Hey honey, guess what. I’m actually a really big CSU and BYU fan.”

2.    “Good news, I sold your gun. Now we can get those cat pattern curtains I saw on Pinterest."

3.    “I think we should move to a big city. There isn't anything in Wyoming but quiet and stars.”

4.    “Honey, don’t forget, Saturday we’re taking my mom and dad fishing. They just came in from NYC and have never tried it.”

5.    “Oh, by the way, I replaced all your elk meat with tofu. I'm sure the stew will taste just the same.”

Of course, odds are no Wyoming woman would ever say any of the above, but who knows what would happen if he dates a “Greenie.” Just kidding folks. Ladies, just be you.