A co-worker recently returned from a trip to Denver. He said that people in the Mile High City were a different kind of jerk than in Wyoming. That made us think, what are the different kinds of schmucks you encounter in the Cowboy State?

Let's face it; we can all be jerks sometimes. Maybe it was a tough day at work. There could be a family drama, or someone could be struggling with a loss. Then sometimes people are just dirtbags.

  • We Did it Back Home Like This...

    It can be quite obnoxious when people just move to town and want to make it like their home. "In Colorado, we did it this way" or "In Texas, this is the way it worked." Well frankly, you're not in Kansas anymore Toto. The kind folks of Wyoming like to keep Wyoming the way it is, thank you very much.

  • The People Who Never Forget Your Biggest Mistake


    It is that one guy from church that has known you since you were baptized. He also caught you stealing gum from his shop on the corner when you were 10. He has never forgotten and considers you to be a klepto to this day. You've learned your lesson about stealing back then, but he never got over it.

  • Bad Driver Flips You The Bird


    You are pulling up to an intersection to make a left turn. The driver who is turning into the adjacent lane cuts halfway into your lane. You have to slam the breaks, and you give them a dirty look. The other driver then flips you the bird; obviously, you are at fault. And the license plate wasn't even green.

  • The Person Who Looks Angry But Isn't


    This is the "Wyoming Paradox Jerk." The guy always looks mad, but once you talk to him, he is super friendly. He just is always on a mission to build, fix, or solve something. You feel like a jerk asking him to help, but when you do, he is always more than willing to lend a hand.

  • Jerks Who Write List Stories Like This One


    That's right, the guy who is writing this post may have only been in Wyoming for two years, and he thinks he knows so much about the Cowboy State! How can he be so arrogant? Sheesh.