It turns out that the Winter Blues are a real thing, and science has given us proof that it's not just our imaginations that it's harder to be happy in February.

We "only" have three months of winter to go, but I thought that perhaps you could use a little bit of help beating those Wyoming Winter Blues.

  1. Get Outside. Yes, it's cold and a bit dreary, but you should still head outside and catch some of those sun rays. Even a little bit of sunshine will help improve your mood. Take a walk around the block or park your car at the far end of the parking lot and work on that winter tan!
  2. Eat Smarter. A balanced diet can help ensure that your energy is up and you stay healthy throughout the Winter. Lot's of vegetables and fruits will keep your immune system healthy. According to this article, Dark Chocolate is a perfect choice because it boosts your mood, decreases anxiety and helps improve your heart health.
  3. Listen to Music. If you tune into the My Country Morning Show every weekday 6-10am (shameless plug) you're already making great choices. Listening to music that you love and boots your mood will help you beat the Winter Blues...even if it's too cold to crank up the volume and drive around with the top down.
  4. Exercise. This one isn't just about looking good in your swimsuit this summer. It has been proven that exercising for 20 minutes reduces endorphins which in turn are proven to produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain.
  5. Help Others. Helping others can take your mind off your own problems and create a warm fuzzy feeling that will keep those Wyoming Winter Blues far away. You have a great opportunity coming up this weekend right here in Casper. Click this link to learn about Jason's Friends and their yearly event happening Saturday at El-Marko Lanes.

Hang in there Wyoming, only a few more months to go!


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