The hope is that you are not reading this on a little screen in your vehicle while you are stranded on a Wyoming winter highway. At least for keeping busy while waiting, call that a bonus added to these other 5:

1. Crossword puzzle. If no newspaper, you can get that on your little screen too, but a pencil and papyrus won't drain the phone charge. (I once did a crossword when I was bored driving across Nebraska, but I digress.)

2. Have you got a little feather duster? In Wyoming, even if you just recently cleaned the interior, you probably already have dust again.

3. Weed out the mess in the glove box. It's amazing how quick that builds up too.

4. A nap could catch you up on sleep if other stranded drivers would stop knocking on your window until traffic is moving again. There was that time a knock on my window was from someone telling me everyone was going into the restaurant I couldn’t see because of whiteout. That was a good knock.

5. Call your mother. (Do not use the word stranded. “Delayed” gets less dramatic worry.)

And this may help see where not to get stranded in the first place.