Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers recently had to spend the night in their patrol cars after their vehicles became stranded because they were searching for other stranded vehicles.

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That's according to a social media post from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, who wrote that Troopers had responded to stranded motorists that got stuck in the snow.

"Troopers responded to stranded motorists who decided to bypass the closed road gates and ended up getting stuck in the snow," the WHP wrote on their Facebook page. "This created hazards for all the emergency crews tasked with locating these motorists. Estimates show that 12 vehicles could not be found immediately, and the occupants had to camp in their vehicles overnight."

From April 22-April 24, Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers responded to 172 calls for service, 89 crashes, and 96 hazards.

"Troopers ended up spending nights in their patrol vehicles because their cars became stranded while trying to respond to calls for service," the Wyoming Highway Patrol wrote.

The WHP wanted to thank all of the Troopers, as well as the WHP Dispatch Center, first responders, Wyoming Department of Transportation snowplows, and the maintenance crews "who spent countless hours responding to emergencies with the most recent snowstorm in the northeast part of the state."

They also reminded drivers to never pass a road closure gate or sign that is activated.

"This creates hazards for emergency crews to reach you and leave you stranded," the WHP wrote.

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