It's been a tough week and some families had to spend way more time together than they'd hoped. It's safe to say, we've all learned something from the record setting storm.

Actor Miles Teller was in a movie back in 2014 called 'Two Night Stand'. The premise of the movie was a couple that just met, were forced to stay with each other during a snowstorm. There was tension, awkwardness and frustration between the two. They didn't know each other well enough to be in that type of situation.

Two Night Stand
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It should be different for a couple or family that's been together for any amount of time, but you're still likely to find something out that you didn't know. On the other hand, experts say that spending too much time together can be destructive for a relationship.

The things you find out could be  good, bad, weird, awkward, proud, make you anxious, angry or sad. In the end, you came to some sort of realization about the situation you're in.

Check out what author Seema Anand said about being together too much in a relationship.

Top tip for a successful relationship: You DON’T have to do everything together! A common misconception is that you should be really involved in each other’s daily lives, but actually, if you find yourself attached at the hip, where’s the fun? Take time away to live your own lives and then come back together to share what you’ve done. Miss each other, be okay with distance! You’ll find it actually adds a bit more spark to your relationship than you thought.”

When we asked our listeners, they didn't hold back telling us what they learned. Isolation and seclusion are tough to handle, especially in a hustle and bustle society we live in these days. For some people it was truly a come to Jesus moment and hopefully it doesn't lead to something happening to their relationship.

Take a look and see if what these folks learned is along the same lines with what you learned.

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