It's teacher appreciation week (and today is officially Teachers' Day) with today and these hard-working men and women deserve to know how much we value what they do!

I know you could peruse the internet or Pinterest on your own and come up with some fun and thoughtful ways to say thank you, but I thought I would save you some time and put together a quick list of thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank.

  1. A thoughtful letter. As a past teacher, I can tell you that a heartfelt note from a parent and/or student was one of the best gifts I could receive. I still have every single one I was given stored safely in a binder.
  2. The gift of Caffeine. A gift card to your local coffee shop along with a fun traveling mug is the perfect way to say thank you to your fav teacher!
  3. A Summer fun kit. Summer is almost here and a little bag full of summer goodies along with a punny note (this link has some fun puns for you). Item ideas: Nail Polish in a fun color, purse-sized sunscreen, a WY baseball hat, brightly colored candy, lip balm in fruity flavors, summer-themed earrings.
  4. Drawstring backpack. I wanted to make sure that we specifically covered the male teachers, and a drawstring backpack is one of those gifts that keeps on giving! You can never have too many and they always come in handy. Bonus points if you buy it in one of the school colors and fill it up with some fun goodies.
  5. Gift cards to local businesses. From Target and Walmart to a local restaurant or ice cream parlor you can never go wrong with a gift card. No need to have it be a large amount, any little bit is a wonderful way to show you care.

Bonus Ideas: Flowers, sweet treats, a gift card to one of our local office supply stores, and Wyoming themed clothing and accessories.

We are open to any ideas so help us out and leave your suggestions below.

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