It's almost the weekend, and if you're like us that means it is time to run all those errands that piled up over the course of your work week.

I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few ways that you can both run your errands AND help support Wyoming's Small Businesses.

  1. Word of mouth is still the best way to help Wyoming's Small Businesses! Be loud and proud about shopping local.
  2. Many of our Casper small businesses are now selling their products in brick and mortar stores AND online (either through a website or their facebook page). Take some time to look at them before heading to another big name site! Side Note: Many of them allow you to make returns and exchanges you bought online in store.
  3. Follow your favorite local business on social media and like and comment on their posts. Even better...take the time to share the post that interest you or caught your eye. It takes you a mere moment and it is SO helpful.
  4. Speaking of social media...if you snap a cute selfie or a share a picture of your future soccer star tag the local business where you purchased the product. Expert Level: Tag them and then mention what you purchased and how much you like it "Little Johnny loves his soccer cleats from Joe's Sports Store!"
  5. It's such an important tip that I'm going to say it again...WORD OF MOUTH! We've all seen those great raves on citywide Facebook pages and I know there have been plenty of times when they have alerted me to a business I didn't know about!

Do you have any other ways that we can help support Wyoming's Small Businesses?

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