Due to the concerns of the coronavirus, health officials are strongly encouraging social distancing. This will require people to avoid any situations that involve crowds or close contact. Unfortunately for some Casper business owners, this means less patrons in their establishments.

Not only does the coronavirus have a health impact, but has the potential for an economic impact as well. Local people in the service and retail industry could be facing challenges as the number of patrons that pass through their establishments start to dwindle. Although this is for the greater good of public health, some may feel the impact more than others.

Here are 5 ways you can help local businesses during this time of uncertainty.

1. Buy Gift Cards:

If you do not wish to dine out or go shopping right now, purchase a gift card from your favorite local shop or eatery. This will help put money in their pocket that they can us right now. Once the health concerns have been lifted, treat yourself and/or your family to a meal or some shopping with that gift card.

2. Order To Go:

Many local Casper eateries offer meals to go. If you do not wish to dine in, simply order your meal to go and enjoy your favorite local food while practicing your social distancing at home.

3. Take Advantage of Delivery Options:

Some of your favorite places already offer delivery. Some establishments are starting to now offer delivery in light of current circumstances. Don't forget about DoorDash as well. Door Dash will deliver your favorite local meal to your door. They even have a new "no contact" delivery option.

4. Tip Generously:

Many service workers rely on tips for their financial well being. Less people in the door means less money in their pocket. If given to the opportunity during a pick up or delivery, give a generous tip. Small gestures can have the biggest impact.

5. Encourage Your Friends & Family: 

Encourage your friends and family to participate in all of the above. The more people doing these things, the better the outcome for the small businesses affected.

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