The last few months have been hectic for Bill Brockley Jr. and Casper's 'True Bakery LLC' and the time has come to announce their new location in Casper.

Prior to moving to Casper in 2021, True Bakery began honing their craft in Seattle, WA in 2019. Then in 2020 when the pandemic hit and slowed business, Brockley Jr. decided to pick up shop and bring his well crafted sourdough style of baking to Wyoming.

After beginning in a smaller commercial kitchen and business began to grow, Bill decided the time had come to spread his wings and expand the rapidly growing bakery. That's when the decision was make to concentrate on finding a brick-and-mortar location for the sourdough based bakery.

After the busy Thanksgiving season, the bakery was moved to focus on the new building. Since the beginning of December they have been doing their baking in a smaller kitchen, on a limited basis, while getting their new home ready.

The process has been quite the task, but Brockley has worked on the 'Top Secret' location, written and released a cookbook, and still managed to offer this donuts and baked goods to the loyal Casper customers that he's developed over the last couple years.

During the process, on the True Bakery LLC. Instagram and Facebook pages, there have been teasers and videos of where the new bakery was going to be located...but the true location of the new storefront hadn't been released...until now.

Today is the day the announcement of the new location True Bakery LLC. location. After calculated searching, planning and updating, True Bakery will be opening in the the Wolcott Galleria in downtown Casper. The multi-story, multi-use historic facility, will now house a storefront to display, sell and prepare the sourdough based, donuts, breads, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and developing menu of True Bakery.

The storefront will be in the former home to kitchen store, The Merry Peddler, which moved to their new location in the Sunrise Shopping Center in December.

The bakery and storefront are still a little way from opening, but are scheduled for a soft opening May 5th and the full opening coming May 12th. Upon opening, the new hours will be Tuesday - Saturday from 6am - 1pm and eventually moving to 7 days a week.

The new location, means new opportunity for the folks of Casper. They are looking to hire staff to be in place when the bakery opens. Bakers and cashier positions are available, you can send you cover letter and resume to

Brockley Jr. says his excitement is through the roof for the new location...

We were certainly limited within our previous location only able to prep for service within a limited scheduled time of 3 hours in the morning so I am definitely excited to know that if we run out of product we can just go ahead and do more since the entire unit is ours.

With the full space to work with, True Bakery's menu will be full line of sourdough specialties.

The menu will consist of our staples: donuts and bagels with a revolving menu of various breads and pastries all made from our sourdough starter. Our sandwich menu will continue to progress as well and we have plans to serve our sandwiches with different house-made potato chips with different seasonings and flavorings all made in-house. We will be expanding our coffee drinks down the road to account for more variety such as lattes, cappuccinos, etc.

Bill also says he's ready to get back to serving and interacting with those that have become an important part of the True Bakery family.

We don't think of our customers as customers but as guests in our home. Being in the hospitality industry for over 11 years now, my favorite part is conversing with the guests that come inside to enjoy a breakfast pastry or lunch break sandwich and seeing how we can better serve them and their needs

Get ready for Casper's latest downtown option to open soon.

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