Having lived in Wyoming for over a decade now, I can't imagine leaving to live anywhere else!  But I totally understand the urge of the younger generation to move somewhere else to experience life in another state.  However they usually grow to miss the many wonders of Wyoming and many even return home at some point in their adult lives.

The website "Only In Your State" put together a list of things that people miss most after leaving the cowboy state.  Many of the reasons are also what brings people back to Wyoming after they've spent a few years living in some other state.

Some of the things people miss the most about living in Wyoming are:

  1. Small Town Life
  2. Very Little Traffic
  3. No State Income Tax
  4. One of the Lowest Crime Rates in the Nation
  5. Clean Air
  6. Lots of Outdoor Recreation Opportunities
  7. Friendly People

All of which are the same reasons we love being in Wyoming.  Hard to believe that anyone would want to live anywhere else.  But we also understand that the harsh winters and high winds are not for everyone!

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