Wyoming mountain lions come in all shapes and sizes. That's a fact that has been proven once again by a family of mountain lions that just made an appearance on a remote trail cam.

Wyoming Game and Fish just shared this short, but sweet moment that they captured.

I appreciated this share because it's not often you get to see mountain lion cubs this young as they're normally sequestered away with their mama.

National Geographic shared a story many years ago about how Wyoming was working to reduce mountain lion populations back around 2007 to help support mule deer populations.

It makes me wonder if this program ever really was effective as a few months ago a family of mountain lions were seen walking through a neighborhood in Jackson.

Jackson had another mountain lion that was spotted in the trees above downtown waiting for photographers to leave so she could take advantage of a nearby carcass.

This trail cam video is one of the reasons I consider Wyoming Game and Fish a mandatory follow on YouTube for anyone who wants to keep up with what's happening with wildlife in our state.

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