Your eyes are not playing tricks on the headline about an experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles. I was there for a painless 20 minutes.

I believe there is only one hell. I'm pretty sure it's worse than The DMV, but if you believe there are different levels of hell, would you put the DMV on the bottom, or right above it? I've been through more state's DMVs than I want to mention, though a friend pointed out I never lived in California.

Well, yesterday I went to hell and back, and never even sweat. Okay, I did sweat a little when I got the figure for the final check. Seems The Cowboy State is most expensive for owning a vehicle, but that doesn't end with just getting new plates.

I guess I was just so thrilled to have a bucking Steamboat on mine. I still love Colorado. I'm just so relieved I no longer look like a greenie in Wyoming.

I took with me all the required info. I don't even remember all they asked to see, but there were no long explanations, no excuses, and only friendly chit chat. In fact, of the 2 desks I visited, both clerks told me they had also once lived in Colorado, even saying, "I get it. Welcome to Wyoming."

I was done in less than 20 minutes. What immediately brought a smile to my face when I first walked in was no display of, "Take a number/Now serving." Really, I just stood in a fairly short line. It may have been the shortest DMV line I ever saw!

Compared to my experiences at other state's DMVs, this was a short little picnic.