It's about to be the 4th of July, and for many of us, that means camping!

This year a few of you lucky ducks will have a four day weekend of fresh air, sunshine, and sleeping under the stars.

We asked you "Where is the best spot in Wyoming to go camping?"

And a whole lot of you refused to tell us.

Jean said, "At our private place."

Tyler said, "Yes please tell the Internet your favorite spot and see how long it stays your favorite spot. It’s like asking someone where they caught a big fish. You don’t."

I get it.

My husband is the same way with his favorite hunting spots.

After all, there is nothing worse than showing up at your favorite camping (or hunting spot) and finding it already occupied.

Thankfully not all of you felt that way and you were more than happy to share your favorite spots, and some of you even included pictures.

Based on my super scientific tally system (a pen and scratch paper) below is a list of your favorite places in Wyoming to camp. NOTE: This is in no particular order.

  • The Bighorns (vague but still helpful)
  • Labonte Canyon
  • Dubois
  • Newfork Lake
  • Granite Hotsprings
  • Medicine Bow Forest
  • Boysen Reservoir
  • Pathfinder
  • Grey Rocks (Wheatland)
  • Ten Sleep
  • Fiddler Lake (Lander)
  • Up by Centennial

I'm actually pretty proud of myself because I have camped, or at least hiked, at most of these places. Based on your comments, it's obvious to me that no matter where you go in Wyoming, you can find a great spot to camp and enjoy all that the Wyoming wilderness has to offer.

I can't lie, reading all your posts and looking at all your pictures has me ready to go hit the mountains with my crazy crew...

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