Next time you’re out with friends, look around the table. Chances are good you’ll see more beer bottles than wine glasses or martinis, and that’s not a coincidence — a new survey discovered beer is America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

The Gallup poll found that 66 percent of American adults drink at least occasionally, and when we do, 39 percent of us opt for beer. Another 35 percent uncork a bottle of wine, and less than a quarter reach for hard liquor.

But when demographics are considered, those results shift somewhat. For example, beer is preferred by Midwesterners, men, and drinkers under the age of 54. Wine, on the other hand, is the beverage of choice for East Coast residents, women, and older Americans.

Overall, guys — especially younger ones — imbibe a lot more than the ladies, downing six alcoholic drinks every week, or three times more than women.

And if you’re looking for a drinker’s paradise, head to the Big Easy. With 8.6 bars for every 10,000 households, New Orleans is America’s booziest city.

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