I don't want to be weird about this, but I have a thing for the aspen trees on Casper Mountain. They're hot...in a tree-kind-of-way.

Full disclosure: staring at Aspen trees is something I've done before. If you look at my Google search history, you'll see lots of...Aspen trees. (*awkward silence*)

I've even read the entire US Forest Service website about how Aspen trees grow. Here's one weird Aspen tree fact they shared that amazes me:

Aspen trees usually do not live more than 150 years, though they may persist more than 200 years.

That means it's possible we have Aspen trees on Casper Mountain that have existed as long as many of our Presidents. Crazy.

Sciencing documented how important Aspen trees are to beavers. Who knew? I've never seen a beaver on Casper Mountain, but I don't get out much.

It appears that I am not alone in my Aspen tree obsession. This guy recorded an hour of Aspen tree sounds for relaxation.

Is it weird that I've watched that probably 5 times? Perhaps.

My point is we are so blessed to have these beautiful trees in our midst every day and this time of year is when they really get pretty...in a not-creepy-tree-kind-of-way. (*Ahem*)

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