Some of the most sought after hunting licenses issued by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have an application deadline of today February 29th, 2016.

Current counts by the Wyoming Game and Fish point to healthy populations of all of these animals in the Northwest corner of the state as well as statewide. Moose counts appear near last years numbers while Bighorn Sheep numbers are going up, Mountain Goat populations remain stable and wild Bison numbers are down just a little. Of course all of these numbers will be taken into consideration along with a look at last year's harvest success, herd observations in early winter and the severity of the weather before making full season recommendations. The proposals are presented to the public in April, public comment is assessed and the G&F Commission officially sets the seasons in late April. Regulations are printed and then the drawing is held in May with results made available before ,deer and antelope deadlines, allowing hunters the ability to make plans and not over schedule their fall hunts.

For information on planning your hunts and applying for licenses, CLICK HERE.

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