One of our very own, Aquile, has come home to Casper and has been blessing us with soulful music and live performances all  through the summer months. Now, he has blessed with brand new music and a new music video to go along with it.

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Aquile's latest opus is called "Unfamiliar Souls". According to the video's description, the California-born, Wyoming-raised singer and songwriter describes the song as:

A darker, moody vibe song based on mental health and overcoming depression.

Those are definitely themes that everyone can relate to at one time or another in our lifetime. The song has a Chris Brown feel to it, but with a magical vocalization style that only Aquile can deliver.

Aquile gave a special message to his fans via his official Facebook music page that read:

For those who know me know I show up with a smile and am an overall happy person. Depression is real however and has been something I've struggled with for some time as I know a lot of us do. I deal with it through my art and my music. Ive been holding onto this song for almost a year now and listen to it often as its been healing for me. I want to share it with you all in hopes it helps someone else out. We have to guard our minds and protect our thoughts. This song talks of just that, locking up the old me and protecting myself from those old thoughts. Everyday we are renewed and thank God for that. hope you enjoy!

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