Have you ever wanted to be in a Country Music video?

If your answer was a resounding YES then you better keep on reading.

Justin Baxter is a Country Music artist that was born in Glenrock, Wyoming, and currently lives in Casper.

His style of music can best be described as an after-hours Country music sound that you can listen to as you roll down the Wyoming highways or dance to with your baby all night long.

His song "In Beer We Trust" is popular with his fans for obvious reasons (I just love that title), and his single "Cause I Want To" is a 90s Country inspired song that is definitely on its way to being a hit too.

Tonight at the Glenrock Town Square, Baxter and "The Boys" will be hitting the stage at 7:00 pm, and they want you to show up and be a part of their music video.

His band consists of Robert Brackel on Lead Guitar, Scott Harris on Bass, and Ryan Bell playing the Drums. Baxter sings lead vocals and plays guitar.

Here's a message that Baxter sent out to all his fans about tonight's concert and your chance to be in his music video.

The End of Summer Bash in Glenrock's Town Square will be a BIG party you don't want to miss, and the live music starts at 6:00 pm.

There will be food and fun (yes adult beverages are available), so make sure you show up with a chair, some bug spray, and all the energy and excitement you have to help Baxter and "The Boys" make the best music video EVER.

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