The last few months have seen a rise of songs with either the words Wyoming or Casper in the title, but the they have nothing to do with the state or city at all.

Prime example, Takeoff (one third of the Migos) dropped a song and accompanying video called Casper in November. The song was NOT about Oil City though. It alluded to a couple of luxury cars manufactured by Rolls Royce: the Phantom and the Ghost (i.e. Casper the Friendly Ghost).

This new Wyoming song was released by a Los Angeles Trip-Hop group that goes by the name Gorangutang. Other than their raps, their main musical instrumental is an Australian wind trumpet-like device called a didgeridoo.

While I love the song's dance-type quality and playful lyrics, I still cannot figure out why they choose to title the song after the Cowboy State. I've listened to it and watched the video several times, yet I did not catch a single reference to Wyoming. Luckily it's a good song, so I don't mind.

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