One of our favorite new groups out there, Thompson Square, just released their self-titled debut album, today.

Husband and wife, Keifer and Shawna Thompson, recently revealed what you can expect on the new album and also gave fans a little insight about their stage show.

(Keifer) "I love traditional country music and stuff…I probably pull more towards the rock stuff, the rockin' edge of country and stuff like that, you know? We spent years and years down on Broadway [in Nashville] playing…you know, we could do four hours of  Ray Price songs or [Merle] Haggard or [George] Jones)…I love all that stuff, I love singing all that stuff. But what naturally comes to me is a little more edgy and stuff, but…" (Shawna) "I think that's what makes our sound unique is because my voice is more country, and then Keifer's a little bit more rock and roll, a little bit more edgy." (Keifer) "You know, we want to preserve country music but we also – our live show – we want it to be… have that little bit of that rock edge to it for the entertainment factor, you know? It's definitely not a stand-still-and-sing kind of thing."

Thompson Square belong to the Stoney Creek Records label.  Their current single, Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not is currently a top 20 hit.

Are you likin' Thompson Square?