You might be interested in this if you frequent any of the 68 Wyoming Subway locations (9 in Casper, 10 in Cheyenne alone). An exam of Subway sandwiches and wraps found 53.6 percent is actual chicken DNA. In their chicken strips, make that just 42.8 percent.

We can ask, "Why?" It's just that Subway corporate doesn't seem to know the answer. A spokesperson said, “Our recipe calls for one percent or less of soy protein. We will look into this with our supplier to meet the high standard for all our menu items.”

Subway has refuted the claims. They say they use 100 percent meat and that the study is flawed.

However that makes you feel, maybe the next question is, "So what's the rest that we've been eating?" That would be the soy, according to our friends at, who have a little perspective on amounts of chicken DNA at fast food chains.

Even chicken from the store - that should have 100 percent chicken DNA - isn't 100 percent when seasoned and/or marinated. Thrillist says, "Fast food chicken - usually seasoned for taste - is not expected to be 100 percent."

It's just barely half of 100 percent that makes me say, "Slap me silly and call me Sally!" I mean we would be afraid to know the DNA of cotton candy, but this is supposed to be poultry.

It's good to know other national chains have a bit more real chicken DNA, such as Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich 88.5%, and McDonald’s Country Chicken 84.9%.