Attendance is up in the Natrona County School District, but officials say they'll continue to look at their new attendance policy. Overall attendance statistics are up two percent in the district from last year, "So something must be working," says Natrona County School Board Trustee Dana Howie.

The School Board approved a stricter attendance policy last year. "The primary reason for the attendance policy is so that people can keep up with their work and not suddenly find themselves behind," says Howie. The new policy caused some confusion and concern among parents as it was rolled out, but  Howie says if parents are worried or have questions, they need to be in contact with their particular school. "If there's communication going on, usually there's not a problem at all," she says.

Howie also says they will continue to review the attendance policy. "We're always looking to make things run more smoothly and it did cause a lot of extra work for the schools, so we're going to review it just as we do just about every policy, and see if there's something we can do to make things easier and smoother."

With the warmer weather, school officials want to remind students and parents of the attendance policy, in case students are tempted to take in the springtime instead of their classes. You can find more information on the attendance policy HERE.

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