Wyoming is known for wide open spaces and big blue sky. This photo gallery captures the magnificence of nature in Morad park and portions of the North Platte Trail walking towards Paradise Valley.

You can access the Platte River Trail here to bike, skateboard, walk the dog, or gain access to the water. Inside the park dogs are allowed off leash and can swim in the river.

Keep an eye out for wildlife while in the park from deer, raccoons, birds, and even snakes. There have been some reports of rattlesnakes this season in the park. Even though they are venomous, a little knowledge of the species will go a long way to protect yourself.

The Platte River Trail is a treasure of Casper. The trail covers a large area of Casper meandering with the river through Pleasant Valley, Morad Park, the Tate Pumphouse, and even to the Bryn Stock trail. This photo gallery captures the natural beauty of Morad Park and beyond.

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