If anyone had any doubts that this year's Beartrap Summer Festival wouldn't be one of the greatest years ever, those doubts were erased as soon as the first band took to the stage. Red June opened Beartrap Summer Festival 2012 and as soon as the first note rang out, festival-goers knew that they were in for what could possibly be the greatest Beartrap Festival of all time.

The 2nd band of the day, Honey Don't, certainly did- bring it that is. 10 Mile Tide made waves from their first song to their last, displaying their own rock/folk/bluegrass hybrid and The 23 String Band made us all wish that they had 23 more because they were so unbelievably good. Halden Wofford And The Hi Beams will surely not disappoint and, of course, headliner The Marshall Tucker Band is sure to bring the proverbial house(or meadow) down.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't mention the vendors and the food of Beartrap. If you're looking for a wide-array of arts, crafts, hats, hoola hoops, and delicious food, not to mention amazing music and an incredible atmosphere, then Beartrap Summer Festival 2012 is the place to be this weekend.