If you have seen a sports game at the University of Wyoming, you've heard “In Heaven, There Is No Beer” AKA the Beer Song.  Actually, at War Memorial Stadium, there hasn't been any beer, until -this year!  So, will it sound different at the first 2017 home game when folks can sing it legally tipsy for the first time?

Most likely people will be slurring their words, but the song may come across as more "emotional and passionate" or just like bad Karaoke on a tipsy night. We'll get ready and refresh yourself with the Beer Song.

Here are a few basics about “The Beer Song.” Besides Wyoming, “The Beer Song” is also a staple on the home turfs of University of Wisconsin, and other colleges across America, including North Dakota State. Maybe that's why Coach Bohl came here from NDS. Perhaps he immediately felt right at home?

We don’t know which institution that adopted it first, but it may have been Yale, because their Beer Song adds this verse,

“At Harvard, there is no ale, No ale! That’s why we go to Yale.  And when our livers fail, we’ll still be glad we went to Yale.”

Sing along if you’d like. Not that you need the lyrics, but here they are:

In heaven, there is no beer.
That’s why we drink it here (Right Here!)
and when we’re gone from here,
our friends will be drinking all our beer!

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