Starting a family is a big decision. Finding a great place to raise that family is equally as big.

I don't have kids yet, but one day my husband and I do plan on starting a family. As we get closer to that time in our lives, we have started asking ourselves these really adult-like questions. Questions like where should our kids go to school, where will they get the most opportunities to pursue their passions, will I feel safe with my kids playing in this neighborhood.

It's a lot to think about.

Recently, Wallethub looked to answer some of those questions, at least on a state level. The information they collected was compiled in a list of the "Best States to Raise a Family." They took into account everything including median family salary, housing affordability, unemployment rate, childcare costs, divorce rate, crime, etc.

Turns out Wyoming is a decent place to raise those kiddos.

The Cowboys state ranked number 28 on the list. We're not in the top half of the states, but I'd say we're pretty average when it comes to quality of life for families. Wyoming even put up a strong number in the category of "Health and Safety" with a mark in the top 10. We were also in the top half of the nation for "Education and Child Care." I'd also like to add the bonus of having the great outdoors at our kids' fingertips. That's a huge win for us.

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