Exploring Wyoming's scenic landscapes is an amazing experience, but have you tried to food around the Cowboy State?  Mmmmm!!

I love traveling across Wyoming and usually avoid the chain restaurants in hopes of finding a tasty treat at a local establishment.  With that in mind, I ran across a listing of the best things to eat in every state, posted by Delish.com.

I was extremely curious to find out, so I patiently clicked through all 50 states to get to Wyoming.  Low and behold, I discovered what I already knew... The best thing to eat in Wyoming is Wild Game Meat!  Elk, Deer, Bison steaks, you can't go wrong eating what mother nature provides for us here in the Cowboy State.

There are those who don't appreciate the flavor of some types of animals, antelope for instance.  But I always respond to those who say that they "Don't Like" certain types of meat - How was it cooked?  How old was the steak (or meat)?  Where did you have it prepared?

Wild game can be for lack of a better word - Gamey (having a strange flavor or odor) - especially if not prepared properly.  I love antelope sausage, deer brats, elk steaks and bison tenderloin.  For me, each animal has a special place on the dinner table.  But what about you?  Which of our Wyoming animals is part of a meal that you call your favorite treat?



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