If you drive through Yellowstone at night, don't assume the bison are sleeping. One driver learned this lesson the hard way.

Toby Ward shared this video on YouTube this week. It's a familiar scenario for anyone that has spent quality time in Yellowstone National Park. The bison consider the park to be theirs and will not move out of the way when walking down the road.

Most of the time, the bison will just wander around your vehicle and go about their business. The key word is "most".

There's also no guarantee that they won't take a severe dislike to you and your vehicle as this driver learned. It's around the :16 second mark that the driver knows he is in trouble.

Fortunately, this encounter ends happily with the bison veering away from the car at the last second. That's fortunate since Wikipedia has documented that an adult bison can weigh well over 1,400 pounds.

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