Blake Shelton had a lot to celebrate in Nashville last week. The singer commemorated a total of five No. 1 hits at a party at Midtown's Losers Bar. He took time to thank the many songwriters involved in helping him with his success, but since it's Shelton, he couldn't be completely serious!

It may be nearly October, but temperatures in Nashville are still warm, and this late Thursday afternoon was no different. He packed the bar with industry people and journalists, who all endured the lengthy speeches by talented songwriters and producers for each of the songs while trying not to swear. On this day, Shelton celebrated "Doin' What She Likes," "My Eyes," "Neon Light," "Lonely Tonight" and "Sangria."

“I’m gonna make this so quick it’s unbelievable,” he told the crowd, before getting distracted by the Peddle Tavern (literally a peddling bar). “And there’s the traveling bar…Wait! Wait a minute, damn it!”

“I”m just gonna make this really quick because everything I say is going to end up in the tabloids and it doesn’t even matter what I say, it will," he said, half joking and half serious. "I didn’t hear two names I felt like we left out today, and one is Gwen Sebastian, who is my duet partner on ‘My Eyes,’ and the other is Ashley Monroe, who is my duet partner on ‘Lonely Tonight.’"

His thank yous continued as he sweated under the barely-moving fans at Losers, paying most of his respect to the songwriters.

"Outside of that, just to reiterate, thank you to all the songwriters. I’m literally nothing, I don’t even exist without these songwriters that write these songs. Thank you, thank you to Nashville. It is important to me to continue to look for the best songs, I think we have the key — we can’t get stuck in a rut. That’s important to me that we don’t get stuck in a rut with our songs, that we keep pushing forward and looking for the best and the best thing to do. Thank you, songwriters, for pushing yourselves and giving me a chance to record your songs."

Shelton's spirits were high as he continued his speech by thanking everyone at his label, Warner Brothers, including his promotions staff, as well as his managers. He made it clear that everyone knew who he wanted to thank, but probably due in part to the warm temperatures and packed house, he wrapped it up.

"Thank y’all for being here at the longest No. 1 party in the history of the world. Let’s all drink and find somewhere to sit down now." That's just what we did.

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