Don Imus made the list as did Scott Shannon, Kidd Kraddick and Howard Stern. All greats in the radio business and all people that a person in the business would love to be associated with. However there is also Shaggy, Lunchbox and a fellow by the name of Beermug. Should I be flattered by the attention or shrinking in embarrassment for the company that I am keeping on this list? Truth be told, I do find it all quite funny and find myself chuckling in amusement.

The article is actually called The Top 50 Not So Hottest Radio DJ's of 2013 and includes a number of fellows that I have heard of and been associated with over the years. Now I am one of the first to recognize that I am not one of the most handsome guys out there, but TOP TEN Not So Hottest? The flowing hair is gone the wrinkles are showing but TOP TEN? I did notice that this list was put together by an intern of a radio show in Houston, Tx. This fellow goes by the name of Mumbles and lists his firsts in the last year as " going to my first club, my first plane ride, seeing blue water and eating a medium cooked hamburger" so I know we are not dealing with the most worldly of people and it sounds like he may have had limited exposure to the truly beautiful people of the world. I also see that his duties include going to Comicpalooza to try and find dates for fellow nerds. I will consider the source.

I will gladly add this to my resume, go back to my smoking hot wife and feel comfortable in the fact that I am aging gracefully (if not too quickly) and consider myself lucky that anyone even notices me anymore. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.