As you can imagine, this has been the toughest week in memory for us here at My Country 95.5, with the loss of the incomparable Brian Scott Gamroth.  In addition to being a friend and part of our radio family for decades, he's been a good friend to many of you - whether you knew him personally, or felt like you did via his daily time on the radio.

On behalf of our crew here at Townsquare Media - I can speak for all of us in saying that your kindness, your condolences, calls, cards, emails, letters and gifts - and most importantly, your great memories shared - went farther than you know to keep our collective spirits up this week as we dealt with an unimaginable loss.

"Dealt" looks wrong on the page, as I type this - it implies past tense, as if we've finished that process.  We, like many of you, will be grieving the loss of Brian for a long time to come - along with remembering the fun stories and good times, ours, and yours, which will help sustain us in the days ahead.  In addition to touching his "radio family", which you are a member of - we can tell you that your kindness touched his "actual" family as well, as many of them were able to listen in.

This last week, it just didn't feel right for any of us to "fill in" for Brian - we decided to put you, his friends and listeners that were most important to him, front and center, to give an outlet to share those great stories and memories.

Losing a personality and talent the size of Brian's is frankly a radio station's worst nightmare, as his shoes can never truly be filled.  As Brian would be the first to remind us, however, "the show must go on".

To that end, please make welcome a good friend of Brian's, and ours, Trisha Berry - as she cuts short her "radio retirement" and rejoins the My Country crew to help us with the task of moving forward, coming together, and re-dedicating ourselves to what Brian did best - entertaining, informing, and using the power of radio to bring folks together to make a better Casper, the city we, and you, are proud to call home.

Thanks again for your memories and the kind words about our friend Brian - please keep them coming.  May his example lead us all to pick up where he left off, and keep pushing forward to take care of each other, and leave Casper and Wyoming better than we found it.

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