The smallest town in the world - Buford, WY was sold today at auction.  The small town located on I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie includes a convenience store, gas station, 10 acres of land, U.S. Post office and its own zip code - 82052.

No word yet on the new owners name, only a tweet that mentions that the new owners are from Vietnam and that the winning bid was $900,000 to purchase the town and all of its properties.

Oklahoma based Williams and Williams conducted the auction and said that it was the first time the company auctioned off an entire town.

Buford, Wyoming is at 8000 feet elevation, making it the highest community on Interstate 80. The community is noted for the Buford Trading Post which can see over 1,000 visitors on a busy summer day.
Buford was established during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad in Wyoming. At that time the town boasted a population of 2000 workers.

As the railroad progressed these workers moved west with the railroad.  Buford had since shrunk ever smaller, reaching a population of 1.

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