You know you've seen it and get disgusted by it every time...booger eaters! You're minding your own business in the grocery store and a mother with a couple kids comes down the aisle. The smaller kid in the shopping cart is digging for gold and pulls out a nugget and you see what is going to happen next. Your stomach starts to churn at the thought that whatever is on that kids finger is about to be chewed on...and then it happens! He stares you in the eyes while he chews and gives you an evil smile. You have to hurry out of there so you don't see it happen again, BUT is it really THAT bad?

Ok, the story I was painting above actually happened to me just last week and it still haunts me. The replay in my mind is in slow motion and I want to run across the aisle every time and stop that kids arm from making the final delivery. After the moment of "shock n awe" wore off, I wondered if it that poor kid was going to come down with some horrible illness because he had a booger snack. Of course I had to do some research to find out.

According to research done by, there's not enough research to confirm or deny the benefits of eating the boogies. It seems there aren't many people that would agree to subject themselves to that type of behavior or research (which gives me a teeny bit more hope in humanity), BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!? Do we need to make them wear mittens all the time?

The information they do have all points to 'it's not a good idea to pick and eat boogers', but a professor at the University of Saskatchewan says that eating boogers that has trapped bacteria and in theory, eating the boogs could help you build up immunity and help your body fight against the bacteria.

Again, there isn't much research on benefits or risks, but there is a study that says those that picked their nose were more likely to carry Staphylococcus aureus which is the root of Staph infections. That alone is good enough for me.

Healthline did mention that nose picking/eating may be a form of OCD and if you're having issues there are a few steps you can take to try and stop.

Ways To Stop Eating Boogs:

  • Identify The Reason For The Nose Issues. If you always seem to have an itchy or runny nose, seasonal allergies could be to blame. Taking over-the-counter medications can cut back on boogs.
  • Try using nose drops or humidifiers. Keep your nose from being dry
  • Use Something to remind you of your nose picking. Putting something on your finger to let you remember to not go looking for gold...bandage or tape will cause a discomfort and hopefully make you stop.
  • Have a tissue with you at all times. You may try blowing them out instead of picking and eating.
  • PICK another stress reliever to keep your mind off the nostrils. Listen to your favorite jams or get a fidget spinner.

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