Yesterday, I was given $10 and challenged by our digital guy to try and find the best gift or gifts in Casper.  But - there's always a catch isn't there - I couldn't spend more than $10.  So I went shopping.

My quest started at Wally World on the east side of Casper and inside, besides feeling better about myself while admiring my fellow co-shoppers, I found a ton of ideas.

One that jumped out at me, didn't have a price on it.  The item was a 2 tier stack-able beverage dispenser.

I thought this might make a great gift for the person who entertains a lot or for anyone who wanted to enjoy 2 gallons of ice cold refreshment - like an Arnold Palmer.  Unfortunately once I finally located an associate to get a price check - it cost $20.

After searching the rest of the store and not finding the inspiration I was hoping for, I rolled down second street to Wally Greens place of business.

The store was packed, but I was guessing it was because many folks were waiting for prescriptions to be filled.  So I shopped the isles up and down and there it was, like a red-rider BB gun - this Old Man headknocker (bobble head) holding his favorite holiday leg lamp from the movie 'A Christmas Story'.

The price was just a penny short of $10 and I thought if I could get approval from the digital guy to allow for an overage with tax - dang the government - that I'd found what could be construed as the best Christmas gift for under $10.  Alas the DG suggested that I stick to the purity of the quest and I left the awesome gift on the shelf.  With no further luck, down the road I went once again towards the holy grail of low prices with lay-a-way - Kame A Part.

As I walked into the store, there was very little crowd but as I walked in past the shopping carts, there was island after island of gifts.  Then on only the second island in - there it was!  The most amazing gift for under $10.

A Chalkboard Coffee Mug!  That's right a mug you can write on whenever the mood moves you.

Who wouldn't love the opportunity to tell their co-workers, family and friends their waking thoughts over a cup of joe, tea or hot cocoa.  So I snatched it up and looked at the price tag on the bottom - $4.99.  Pay Dirt!  But I still had $5.01 to spend.  There right next to the most amazing gift I'd ever seen, were packages of flavored hot cocoa.  So I grabbed three.

My total spent - $9.71 and it wasn't even my money.  Mission accomplished!  But now what to do with this sweet cash of prizes?  Why not give them to you!  Either as a gift from me to you or for you to re-gift to someone else.

Although I didn't hit all of the stores in Casper on my quest, I still feel I found a pretty cool gift pack for under my $10 limit - quest successfully completed.  If you have any gift ideas that you'd like to add to this feel free to share them in a comment below.

My gift pack will be combined along with the gifts bought by my other co-workers (Except for Tee-Roy - his gift was dirty minded!  See it here) and you can register to win the entire ensemble later today.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas from all of us at My Country 95.5!