He often played the half-witted friend on sitcoms. In the 80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort he played Monroe Ficus. In the Mel Books spoof Spaceballs, he was Prince Valium. In the sitcom Alf, he was Neal Tanner. Can you name this Casper born actor?

Jim J Bullock was born in Casper on February 9th, 1955. He grew up in Texas. He went to Oklahoma Baptist University, but dropped out to pursue an acting career in LA. As Biography.com put it, he was another actor-waiter of Tinseltown. His Hollywood career was launched with Too Close for Comfort.

Bullock also was a lively participant in Hollywood Squares. He often stole the spotlight from the guest actors. Some of his other roles include Serge the wedding planner on Days of Our Lives, Cert in Glee, the Not-Yet-Out Gay Guy in Kissing Jessica Stein, and a small role in Seinfeld.

His career and life was not without hurdles. Growing up Baptist, he struggled with coming out as gay and HIV positive. In an interview with Dann Dunlin, he thought all gay people died in Sodom and Gomorrah. And once opening up about his sexuality, his career was adversely affected.

Bullock is still acting and is open about his struggles with HIV. The disease is part of his life, but it is not his life.