The scenery and wildlife in Wyoming are both some of the best in the entire country. Every year millions of people travel here to be able to see it all.

What people may be surprised to find when they get here, is how incredible the art scene is. All over the state there are beautiful murals, art districts, art galleries and talented artists.

The best part of the art scene in Wyoming is that there's not just one dominant type of art. Painting, sculptures, performing, architecture and photography are some of the art featured in many towns and cities across the state.

One of those artists is named Travis Glasgow.

Travis has a keen eye for finding the perfect combination between Wyoming landscape and Wyoming wildlife. His style of art is incredible and taking one look at some of his work will prove it.

Travis, like others in Wyoming, loves to explore the state and capture the raw beauty. Once he's captured photos of mountains, trees, streams, trees and other landscape features, he gets to work finding the perfect Wyoming wildlife figure to melt the two together.




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He uses a graphic art program to make his unique creations come to life. Some of his work has made it's way into the Wyoming State Capital and State Museum, on display around the state and soon to be featured on fabric later this winter.

Travis has plans of showing off his works of art at many upcoming art galleries and has a website where you can shop for his creations at

Hats off to all of Wyoming's talented artists that showcase what this awesome state has to offer.

Casper Artist Travis Glasgow's New Art

Casper Artist Travis Glasgow Spreading Unique Wyoming Art

Keep Casper Beautiful Public Art

Beginning in 2016 the City of Casper and Art 3-2-1 have been working together to wrap traffic light control boxes all over the city. New boxes are wrapped with original artwork from Natrona County artists.

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