Nothing is more magical than a unicorn, and this high school class has turned imagination into reality. Each year the art program at Powell High School does a few taxidermy projects. This one grew to mythical proportions.

It began with a zebra form. The class uses the traditional taxidermy methods, but they have given it a modern twist. Students covered the body in mirror fragments, crystalline rocks, and fiber optic lights.

Jim Gilmore, Powell High School
Jim Gilmore, Powell High School

We spoke with Powell High School art teacher Jim Gilman about the project. Since August, 40-50 Students have been working on the project. Student and public support grew. They even sold t-shirts that said, "Panther Taxidermy Art - Find Your Unicorn" to fun the project. Gilman said they raised about $1600.

This was not meant to be quite so elaborate, but it involved and grew with students and internet input. I was hoping it would take a few weeks..... oops - Gilman said.

The unicorn and its colt are on display in the cafeteria, but eventually it will find a permanent home in the school. This April it will make an appearance in Casper at the Wyoming State High School Art Symposium.

Its been an exciting adventure where students, followers, and fans contributed to create a piece that exceeded our wildest plans - Gilman said.

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