What is Casper best known for? If one national website is to be believed, it's because of how friendly we are.

Don't laugh. This really is a thing. One of the most popular websites that people use when they're thinking about moving is Best Places. It's a very useful website. For example, you can compare Casper to New York City. You'll learn we have way less taxis here. Go figure.

Each city has its own description. Check out the overview for Casper and you'll notice a peculiar comment. Here's what caught my eye:

The area is noted for its wide-open spaces and friendliness.

I've looked at profiles of many cities and have never seen a description like that. Sure, Best Places mentions the oil and gas industry facts along with ranching and agriculture like you would expect. But, it's rare that a city gets called out for its 'friendliness'.

Look at what they say about Missoula. It's just basic facts about the area. No mention of how nice the people are. Nothing like that whatsoever.

There's no mention of how bad a job most people do trying to turn left onto 1st Street from McKinley. Hmm.

You may or may not agree with what Best Places has to say about us, but isn't it nice that at least some national folks were impressed by how nice we are. That's something you could be proud of if it were on your city limits sign.

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