On Wednesday, Jacob Black was officially sworn in as chief for Casper Fire-EMS, while they also announced the promotion of four other officers.

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At city hall, Fleur Tremel, assistant to the city manager, gave the oath of office to Black, who has been the interim fire chief since May of this year.

Black has served with Casper Fire-EMS for the past 21 years and had most recently served as battalion chief of A platoon.

Carter Napier, Casper city manager, said at the swearing-in that he looks forward to the work the new chief will do in engaging with the public.

"I really appreciate what the chief plans to do in terms of engaging our public," Napier said. "I feel like we have not done as good as perhaps we should have or could have in that regard and so I'm looking forward to involving the community more in the efforts the fire department puts forward every day and I think that will be a huge improvement and something that we welcome with change."

Of the four members of Casper Fire-EMS that were promoted, Travis Stuart and Troy Hieb were promoted on Aug. 23 and Sept. 28 respectively and were both promoted from engineer to captain.

Casper Fire-EMS
Stuart and Heib, Casper Fire-EMS

Layne O’Neal and Kooper Adams were promoted on Aug. 24 and Sept. 28 respectively from the rank of firefighter to engineer.

Adams and O'Neal, Casper Fire-EMS
Adams and O'Neal, Casper Fire-EMS

Between the four of them, they have combined experience on Casper Fire-EMS of 32 years, with Stuart as the most senior with 19 years, followed by Hieb with six years, O'Neal with four, and Adams with three.

In a press release by the fire department, fire chief Black "congratulated each member on their dedication to personal and professional development and expressed thanks on behalf of all personnel for each member’s service to the community."

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