The group Wyoming Believes has raised over $10,000 in May, culminating with a kayak event and 5k run to help boost awareness, with the money being used to buy wheelchairs for people in developing nations who can't afford them.

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People of all ages participated in the running event, Move for Mobility, which went from Monrad park to the Fort Caspar Museum, which is done annually across the country, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Sarah Schaff, who helped organize the event in Casper, along with her father George Hage, who runs a group supporting the Free Wheelchair Mission in Idaho, said this was the first time Move for Mobility was held in Casper, and she hopes to make it an annual occurrence.

Schaff said the group in Casper is competing with the Free Wheelchair Mission in Idaho to see who can raise the most money, with the two groups so far raising over $20,000.

Hage said with the money they raised so far, there is enough to buy 300 foldable wheelchairs.

Sam Haut - Townsquaremedia
One of the wheelchairs which will be donated to                 developing nations across the world                                 Sam Haut - Townsquaremedia

The kayaking portion went from Robertson road to Morad Park, winding along the North Platte River.

Jay Zastrow, founder of the kayaking club that participated in Move for Mobility, helped organize the 15 kayakers going down the river, which represents four different churches.

Zastrow said he heard about the event from Schaff, as they both attend the college heights Baptist Church, where the kayaking club is based.

Paul Bradley - Water and the Word
Zastrow preparing to go out kayaking                           Paul Bradley - Water and the Word

Crystal Kull, who helped Schaff organize the event, said growing up in the Philippines made her see how important wheelchairs are.

"I grew up over seas, so I saw a lot of people overseas that didn't have any way to move around, just crawling on the ground and the dust," Kull said. "So it was pretty close to my heart to be able to do something to provide these countries with wheelchairs and mobility."

Kull said their goal for the month of May was to raise $3,000, which was changed to $5,000 after surpassing the original goal.

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