It's Fall Y'all!

It is no secret that I am what many people would call a "Basic Girl".

I adore Target, and while Pumpkin Spice Lattes are NOT my jam I do love to indulge in an overpriced coffee every now and then.

I thought it would be fun to put together a Basic Girl Fall Starter Kit, you know, just in case you want to come on over to the dark side with me ;)

  • Ugg Style Ankle Height Boots: These are a necessity for any Basic Girl. Cozy, comfy and not at all practical for any real amount of snow that we get in Wyoming, they look just as cute with skinny jeans as they do leggings.
Camel Crown via
  • Buffalo Plaid Anything: Until a few years ago this pattern was more "Lumberjack" than cute girl. Not anymore, this bold black and red pattern can be found everywhere and if you want your Basic Girl card you MUST own it in a shirt, hat or scarf.
chicchicfashionworld via
  • Black Leggings: These are a staple wardrobe item for any Basic Girl, and it's especially important to have a pair to pull on to wear with those Ugg Style Boots. And BTW no you don't have to actually be going to the gym to wear these.
  • Glittery Custom Coffee Tumbler: While it's always OK to walk around a with a branded cup of overpriced coffee this will help you take it to a whole new higher level of basic. This glittery custom fall theme coffee Tumbler will give you major street cred with all your Basic friends.
GirlMomTherapybtq via Etsy
  • Fall Themed Candles: If your house doesn't smell like pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and a subtle hint of vanilla is it really Fall?
  • Fall Wreath: Anyone that comes near your home can see this outward example of your basicness (is that a word?) and witness your love of Fall. Pick an understated decoration like the one below, or go really big with bright sunflowers and leaves. Extra points if you gather up a group of friends and make your own DIY wreath.

As much enjoyment as I'm getting making fun of my inner Basic Girl, let's have a moment of serious here.

If celebrating the change of the seasons and throwing yourself into a theme or holiday makes you happy, I say go for it.

After all, I think we can all agree, it's the basic things...the simple things...the little things...that add up to great big joy and happiness in your life.