Ahh Target.

Or should I say Tar-Jay?

As a totally "basic" mom of five (and I embrace this100% btw) I have no shame in saying that Target is my jam.

At least half of my clothing and shoes have come from the beloved clearance racks of this megastore, and if I could, I would buy every single Hearth & Hand With Magnolia item that graces their perfectly stocked shelves.

skyla sitting at target

There is something blissful about walking into a Target store, list in hand, only to throw caution to the wind and get that cute pair of flip flops. Or the perfect gift for whoever has a baby next. Or that trendy new toenail polish color that will look amazing with everything I own.

Interestingly enough, I can never seem to get out of there for less than $120 dollars.

Sorry, I know you didn't come here to read an ode to Target.

You came to find out how our local Casper Target plans to improve.

Rumor has it that our Target will soon be getting a bit of a facelift.

The biggest change will be adding a Starbucks.

This 100% feeds into all those Target shopper stereotypes that you see in memes all over the internet.

I went to target logo

But is that a bad thing?

After all, a bunch of basic moms fueled by a Starbucks sugar/caffeine high will be able to purchase twice as much in half the time! #genius

According to an email from Target Communications Specialist Liz Hancock, our store is also set to get a few more upgrades like

  • Modern décor and fixtures, additional mannequins and lighting to create a shopping experience for guests that is both hip and cool, warm and inviting.

I hope this means they'll get fabulous mirrors and mild lighting in the dressing room that makes you look 2 feet taller and 10 pounds slimmer AND 5 years younger...

  • Dynamic, engaging merchandise displays throughout the store to provide guests with inspiration and style and help them visualize how to pair products together.

This description makes me think that perhaps they will have some sort of scanning device that will scan our bodies and then hook customers up with a list of brands and styles that will be the most figure flattering.

A mama can dream, right?

Along with the aforementioned changes, our Target will also be creating a more comfortable area for nursing moms and updating the Order Pickup and Guest Services section of the store.

I cannot wait to see how all of these changes impact what is already a pretty zen-like shopping experience.

The facelift should be completed this Fall, and I promise we will let you know what we think of the changes as soon as they are done!

Maternity pictures were taken by Wyo Bride for Skyla Lee Photography

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