Casper's Eastridge Mall isn't the mall is used to be and there's a possibility that other stores could be leaving.

Bed Bath & Beyond has been a featured store in the Mall for years, back in September, the company announced it would have to close stores and cut employees to reduce costs.

This same concern has been happening to many national chains, as well as regional & local stores all over the country. Clothing chains, grocery stores, department stores, specialty stores and restaurants have had issues keeping their brick and mortar stores open since online shopping became popular.

In Wyoming, we only have 2 Bed Bath & Beyond stores. The one in Casper and one in Cheyenne. The possibility of the store going extinct in Wyoming is high.

When the company made their announcement of closures back in September, they announced that 56 BB&B stores were going to close. In that original announcement, Casper and Cheyenne both made the cut.

When the calendar turned to 2023, the company has announced there would be additional stores closing and layoffs happening before the end of Fiscal Year 2022, which usually happens at the end of February.

The layoff's have already begun nationwide and the list of stores have been announced that will be closing.

It seems Colorado will be losing 1 of their 19 and Montana will both be losing one of their six stores.

For our neighbors to the east, South Dakota will not be losing either of their 2 and Nebraska isn't losing any of their 4 stores at this time.

As for the Casper and Cheyenne locations, they've once again lucked out and will remain open...for now.

According to Business Insider, Bed Bath & Beyond said they are considering filing for bankruptcy in the coming months.

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