The news broke earlier this week, the Nordic Lodge on Casper Mountain will be torn down and replaced...though the exact plans for when it will be replaced (and how) still remain up in the air.

The building was condemned earlier this year and has not been in use for several months.

According to this article, the building was originally intended for seasonal use by cross country skiers. Over the years the building has been modified and slowly but surely become a year-round gathering area for locals.

From a place to warm up for Winter sports enthusiasts to a wedding venue, the Nordic Lodge has become an important spot for our community...but one that is no longer safe for use.

The plan is to tear down the building by the end of the month, and then have a temporary shelter in place for skiers and snowshoes to use this Winter.

While the new building will be paid for by the county, the new design (and cost) still needs to be determined.

When I learned about all of this I immediately had a few ideas of how I personally would like to see the money spent.

I use that area year-round and know that many other locals could benefit from a design that serves this idea.

Enclosed areas out of the wind and cold in the winter and the heat and sun in the Summer are a must, as well as some indoor bathroom facilities that offer multiple stalls.

I personally don't think on-demand fresh food is necessary, but some snack and drink machines would most likely be a good source of revenue.

Outdoor shade and seating, nothing fancy, some benches, and picnic-style tables would be perfect, could offer a spot for active people to rest, or tourists to sit and enjoy the views.

This spot has also become quite popular for weddings and family reunions (not to mention gatherings for races) so perhaps some kind of outdoor bandstand area would be perfect for these types of use?

What are your thoughts?

What would you like to see as part of the new Nordic Lodge on Casper Mountain?

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