This just in. You are smarter than you thought. A new ranking claims that the residents of Casper are more educated than most in America.

I found this on Neighborhood Scout. They have a lot of facts about Casper, but it's one that's in kind of small print that caught my eye.

The citizens of Casper are slightly better educated than the national average of 21.84% for all cities and towns, with 23.90% of adults in Casper having a bachelor's degree or advanced degree.

That inspired me to do some research (what us educated Casper people do sometimes). I began to dig and verify what Neighborhood Scout was saying, but had a hard time (what uneducated people like me do).

WalletHub did a breakdown of the most and least educated cities this past summer. Notice who isn't on their map. That's right. Casper.

Source: WalletHub

Maybe we're not on their map because our intelligence is too sophisticated. The truth is that we're not among the 150 most populated cities and that's why we're not covered. Yes, we are thankful we're not among the most populated.

US News and World Report does back up part of the Neighborhood Scout claim. They list Wyoming as the 15th most educated state in the US. When it comes to higher education specifically, the news for Wyoming gets even better as we're listed at #5.

My point to all this is next time you have a friend from somewhere else in America give you a hard time about being a Wyoming country bumpkin, you show them this and tell them to respect the smarts cause we have them by the bushel full.

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