Casper real estate broker Dennis Langdon was issued a $15,000 fine and had his license suspended for a month after Langdon misrepresented himself as a member of the Legacy Property Management Company.

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According to a settlement agreement with the Wyoming Real Estate Commission, Langdon executed property management agreement transfers for 20 properties on July 25, 26, and 27 2018, which were under the responsibility of broker Viktor Strayer, who worked for Legacy Property Management Company.

A property management agreement transfer moves the responsibility of a property from one company to another, and in this case, according to the compliant, Langdon transferred ownership of the 20 properties from the Legacy Property Management Company to his company, Langdon Investments and Development Inc.

According to the complaint, Langdon had worked for The Legacy Group from November 2 2017 to August 13, 2018, and had also worked for, and is currently employed by, Langdon Investments and Development Inc. around that time.

Also listed in the complaint, which was submitted around February 27 2019 by Joshua Kalinowski, was that Langdon executed lease agreements with tenants of the company Good as Sold while not being a broker for that company.

Joshua Kalinowski, a broker for The Legacy Group and owner of the Legacy Property Management Company, said he did not want to comment on this piece.

Viktor Strayer, broker for Legacy Property Management Company, said in the over 20 years that he has worked in real estate, he has not seen a fine as large as what Langdon received.

Shelly Good, who was listed as a property broker of Good as Sold in the complaint in 2018, said she did not wish to comment on this piece.

The settlement agreement lists five different Wyoming statues that Langdon broke related to buying and selling properties and representing himself as part of real estate firms that he wasn't part of.

Dennis Langdon and his attorney did not wish to comment for this piece, however Langdon said when asked questions about the settlement, "that's information that should never ever be publicized because people get their hand slapped for certain things, I understand."

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